Footnotes merged when importing docx

I created a basic doc with TOC, page headings, text and footnotes then imported into Ketty.

The TOC and page headings were lost…which makes sense since they really should be part of the doc style.

However, the footnotes were all merged into the text where they were referenced making the text quite unreadable.

Is this a style setting, or something else that I might be able to fix with settings?

Hi @pjw – thanks for reaching out.

The current version of Ketty does not support styling footnotes however it’s on our roadmap to reintroduce this functionality with a configureable editor. You can see this proposal here:

Hi @Dione , thanks for the reply. Do you have a (vague) timeline associated with those features? From my (narrow) perspective, the order of importance would be:

  • Footnotes
  • Some kind of quote/block format
  • Collaboration features like track-changes and highlighting

It would also be very nice to have user-defined paragraph and character styles (eg. define a “reference” character style that is, say, bold+italic and a “Quote” paragraph style that is, say, indented L&R, italic…etc…or is this something that is done via CSS? If the latter, then being able to refer to them in a pop-down in the editor would be useful, if that makes sense?

Hi @pjw

Thanks for the feedback.

We’ve planned to have the first iteration of the configureable editor within 3 months. This could happen sooner with more support from the community.

A block quote style is already supported (see screenshot below) which is applied in the editor, and as you point out, the layout is controlled by the CSS template. We have 8 default templates currently and we’re happy to accept submissions of more templates from the community.

The config editor would allow for more text display styles (e.g. an aside or note) as well as custom (user-defined) styles. We’ll keep you posted!